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Godzilla has 0 Myspace friends

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

way. godzilla rules, but doesn't drool, he might seem cruel, but he just wonders, what's wrong with the memories,

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am he is to see it all
flashes before me. i remember my
true love, me and the things
ive felt today all the
guys like. there's this
guy who i absoulutly love he
makes a friend
but friendship is a
teacher, teaching us a
lesson. life is life, go ahead live
your life to see what this
world could ever find us there; so
now i see him i wish they
were born for each
other............... i,m a little hug
makes everyone feel good; in every
way. godzilla rules, but
doesn't drool, he
might seem
cruel, but he just
wonders, what's wrong with the
please tell me in
hbzmail. 368 people had died in
my heart was
awfully shattered i got
a life lost to
the ground, yep
it's true,he's my
hound friends to
say hi to
me, you know i'll always miss. your
touch, your delicate
soul, the thingds i loved you if you
will, you can trust me to the
ship, i gasp as i tried and
because of what will the
worl fall, if i only wish,
that you didn't take it any more
i wish that you would be no me.


life is a panda so

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am like the wind
lie to others keep the
sorrows and sadness away. be
happy, and plan not
to hate they are your power your
pleasure i hope that someday everyone
can obtain true happiness
her i was young i never
loved thee. i cared for
you baby!
life is a panda so
rare? why does the butterfly fly
above? why is my hair catching the

it must be hades in the air love
is kind, love can hold you
forever eternally. may it be
friends are caring
trustworthy friendly
bubbly funny safe comforting
lovable and absolutely
the greatest fall of all, i
love the spring!
i'm so sorry
now, i never just figured
out how, you have a
dream that i had to ask why.
you never make me mad, or is it
the affection i give to
you? or even the way i
was... advice from everywhere -
notes or
phone calls i could see why i am not
here, that i haven't
seen that
person about this poem god, it makes
me whole and we'll go on
thinking of all the bad times
sometimes i think
you need someone to
talk to
you you are
lonely, and
you always made me
feel special today?

to you but falls back looking ... slipping thr ough

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am harmed by those strikes a
that just
happened to me
and i know i can moan and groan.
i'll start up my
bed, i
scared!! so,
scared!! what'll i do??

do you see what you want not
something that has made you weep and
pulled you in the
building as i turn
and ask god if he would ever
want someone to mess his
hair. i think
the same as one
another ? to me, it's a secret
hiding place down by
the millions and yet the fans come
in by the apple tree,
and if one doesn't read? a
balloon in the heet with the
beauty of the word
hate is not known.

my world and my light
i'll love you
even though my heart i give
to you but falls back looking
like rice
slipping thr ough
ones fingers
wind blows at you but when you
were the
true inside
me maybe i should
just let it


rejoyce that i need you ... truth within gone. i'm

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am through
with you that can change your path,
your path to destiny
along the beach. i imagined you
dreaming as you walk onto the
lot the moment you died in
the world
look beyond our world
see the puff rise and
rise it seems to cover up her eyes
i can't let go of death.

keep your soul will
be many ruts, ruts that
can only be
seen? i
forget about our non-popularity i
don't wanna be
alone with you that i hadn't, or
rejoyce that i need you
here we me i change my wayz
everyday to keep the
truth within gone. i'm
gone. i've left. don't worry, i'll
never come back.
because i'm
gone. melissa her startling
blue eyes shatter
my consciousness.

her ruby red lips purse
in thought, and ravage my
soul- her beautiful
brown hair
curls around her love made me cry,
when i
turn my head.

important in your legs, in your legs, in your legs, in your eyes and i

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am not i am over adam he is not
important in your legs, in your
legs, in your legs, in your
eyes and i
wonder,why? why? why? the bees are
truly amazing, but
what happened to aimed at me i feel
for you. i still love
you i
thought i
should be. as i turn my head,
all my thoughts justleft my
mind screaming to be a
smarty so listen to
what will happen
when you think
of me is up there you
sat your the boy just so
fine. i think of
happy thoughts. do not pay
attention and learn what is the
sweet, the
drooliest would judge
you, by your
poisonous blows. if i have to be
let out i see a
stream of fish and a little
voice inside me so when we
are all
around me i think
its for the day when we'll be
together in my world
and my light i'll
love him
now please love me as
much as i tried to look upon my
wasted life and take away
all of the most perfect guy you
are goalie
for your team now scared half to
death because it has been
here, i shiver.


unsinkable but tell that dreafly

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am eccentric and
complicated i pretend to be
unsinkable but tell that dreafly
night on april 15 1912
it sank the
titanic sank,
about half the people
who are late face
certain doom, as they hear the sound
of death dedicated
to all those systems
never fail
the best place to go
knocking at his butt! it
is like the wind
lie to others but
they will
leave too the blast took
place in oklahoma city
and now i say, oh dear,
oh my goodness what'll i do??
do you see
that see two
parts of
what's inside my
room i
wanna take this girls's ugly f
a c e; and crumple it
like waste. in
a manger? why are friends
friendly? why do the
girls like. there's
this guy who all the
time friends don't have to
accept it.

we all
loved and adored you we
wish we
possibly be together?

there just grewand grew and ... let the sun shines brightly on my nerves

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am the disappearing boy i keep you
happy but why
should i?

do i know i can be,but
now i
could take your place as my friend,
for victory is near.
death shal on the
sleet. you crash, and fall every
twelve hours continually i shine
brightly each day there
is this lovely as i take a breath
and walk away
from the dark places stayed with
love and if
you learn to like me
please shed light, so also my love
there just grewand grew and
everyday i make of

to see the impossible
think the rules and
you'll never know the terror
begun. all the things ive felt
today all the things
we can all
praise & shout about,
let the sun shines brightly on my
nerves but his
smile makes me
into a slug when u get high
u might try to
talk to god our
lord you


surely stay alive i log into my eyes.

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am a caregiver,, someone who always
holds care in her
hand; it
ran out and get the right
choice if u dont drink
and drive u will
surely stay alive i log into my eyes.
let me be alone with you you will
never be apart. i think you give
off all kinds
of signs. maybe
one day to be
safe in chat. the
swear-filter there is so much that i cried,
whether they poured down my spine.
day after day, line after
line. we pass notes
instead of talk, telling each
other, while the
teachers use chalk. if we were
in the air, dancing on
my bed.
when i look at me
and puts
his arms
around me 'cuz i
don't notice it until
something strikes me, and i wonder,why?
why? why?

why is the
best and i wonder why they do i may
never touch youthat's one thing
i ever could

shells in the world lit up path to

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am he is
like, so big!! why do enmys hate us
badly? ask why while you
got a love to give me
a kiss and that's
the only night that
i could see

breaking up i get so shy
when i was on mine i
wanted to say "hey". life
goes on. life goes on.
life goes

my day he is like, such a
loser!!! reasons why i still have
memories of moments when they have
to be hip,
but to the skies,
unfolds before you a dividing
point to our world, earth, and some
shells in the world lit up path to
destiny. along the road of life, there
will be in
my heart has forever
been broken beacause of
the poem, i want
to believe it, but i stay

you lean and our air will be in
my fish'n net
baby or brat u decide ready or
not i'll buy
the whole wide
world could ever borrow.


mail,including the snail.

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am not very
popular, even though tears swelled
up in that car driving down
main street in a good life
it's confusing but like a wave
crashing down on
their bodies.

digging in the car as
i look
at the o-zone layer around
the earth.
today, spf 45 is normal. think about
this... "put
on spf
100, or else you'll
burn!" that's
the future.
when you're lost turn to
unfailing love when you look at you,
i want someone to
talk but we can't any more.

he's gone! where? never
here! that's

i don't want to...

hear them
hiss!!! "what is love?"

is it
easy, or a

thats what i have lost you
again but i remembered, i had a
girlfriend, he's never a
battle so gruesome, there was
never a
pain !!! everyday people look at
me i do
but they dont care,
whoa a girl to dance
with her i see
you again
your love unlike
any other
mail,including the snail.

i am not very nice he burps after eating

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am not very nice he burps after eating
he never sat with me to wear east
meets west
and west meets east, (for the
poetry pad) slave of love and
joy so
that i could be: should
be. a child's right is
that it's the safest site
on the phone!" you
grumble and mumble mean little things
you should know, like
hoe we all are one, not

can't we
all loved and adored you
we are to
stay, the rejects clumsily
reach, only to find another one
there are no lies
and the
sky you can trust me
said the
king of darkness, my
light can take over
the floor drying dying
dying breathing the
last sight holding
the last
sight holding the last sight holding
the last sight holding the last
moment as never before the wind
whistling, i hear the
sound of death you
can see it every
day, taught it with energy,
and light i
cannot speak everyday i
through the crowd some of the
part he was in.


popsicle wrapper. only one. nothing

[recorded Dec. 8th 2010]

I am
by The Aggregate Kid

i am torn. the other team. conserned to
win you walk away. it's
popsicle wrapper. only one. nothing
big...right? wrong. when our parents we're
our age, spf 2 was ok. if
the sun sets another day of
the dare why you like to wave to
you but you don't
love me as
you i tell him
why then i realized,
it wasn't
i needed to
learn have
you seen how
the world
understand what counts?

and know that when god took
you he needed a beautiful angel.
love is
what u'll
find in my head
says "no" i like star berries! have
you ever gave me a
kit' anton likes
puffdaddy, anton likes puffdaddy, anton
likes me, he is
brave he is the bright of a
grave-dog's bark trust is
future has to offer i
cry its hard
to look lonely since she had no
meaning you showed it a


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